I'm tired tonight; I want to sleep

January 16, 2014
By HayleySmith GOLD, Yorktown, Virginia
HayleySmith GOLD, Yorktown, Virginia
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I’m tired tonight; I want to sleep.
I’ll dream of white willows that weep
And ships that sail my soul to deep
Seas that sigh and sing and sweep
Away my woes—my troubles, too.
These dreams will carry me to you
And we will sail to waters blue,
Where we can bid Awake adieu
And where we can outrun the moon
Until we’ve run till break of noon.
Collapsing on the sandy dune,
Sing to me your midnight tunes
And we will be as twinkling stars
That sing within this sky of ours.
Night does end, and we will part—
But I promise I’ll not be far.
I’ll drift within the full moon’s glow
On ships that sail so silent and slow.
And every one Awake will know
I’m tired tonight; I want to go.

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