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The Guitarists Fine Art Work

January 15, 2014
By Zeeny PLATINUM, Staten Island, New York
Zeeny PLATINUM, Staten Island, New York
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The guitarist walked into
His music room
Looking at all of his instruments
The violin, drum, piano, harp,
Harmonica, and his favorite;
The guitar
With it's straight lines
He brought music back to it
The sweet melody filled the room and
He tipped his head back
Closing his eyes, humming along
Then he picked up the speed
The sounds so loud it ringed
His ears
The speakers plugged to the
Guitar vibrating
Sobbing, he unhooked the guitar and
Smashed it against the
Other instruments
Smash smash smash
Everything broke
Then he smashed the guitar till it was in a million pieces
"A fine piece of art" he spoke and
Left the room locking the door permenantly

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