Complete Disorder and Confusion

January 15, 2014
By EJayne SILVER, Muskegon, Michigan
EJayne SILVER, Muskegon, Michigan
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It's an animal
With a serpent tongue
Telling lies through screeches in your ears
It's wings are two different sizes and torn up
They fly off beat creating gusts of heavy winds
It's claws scratch the ground like a chalkboard
It can make a chapel burn
Filling the air in incense and ash
It can and will tear a civilization to shreds
Not stopping until Order is upon
Order will kill the beast
You will feast on its death
But your will not savor the taste
For it tastes like broken laws
And shattered winds from a storm
It makes you crave Order
To follow the book of the Father
To follow the rules set by society
Just to prevent the Chaos from returning

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