The Feels

January 13, 2014
By LovelyRee GOLD, Astumbo, Other
LovelyRee GOLD, Astumbo, Other
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Aut Viam Enveniam Aut Faciam
"Find A Way or Make One"

The night is dark
Tears fall from my eyes
My door is shut closed
My eyes are just shut tight
I'm very insecure
No one really understands
They just make jokes and laugh
They don't see the pain from where they stand
I hide my feelings and fake a smile
I tell myself it's worth the while
All the good times and all the bad
The feelings overwhelm me
It makes me sad
I try to be happy and I try to get better
But being a teenager that's almost never
It only hits them when I would say goodbye
But I'm not brave enough to take my own life
This isn't a sob story
About me and my life
It's a true story, not a once upon a time

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem based on the true pain I hold inside of my heart.

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