Two Hundred and Thirty Seven

January 12, 2014
By dxiang PLATINUM, Little Rock, Arkansas
dxiang PLATINUM, Little Rock, Arkansas
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Two centuries,
One score,
And seventeen years ago,
A group of souls united
With the power of their quills
And the strength of their wills
A country was born
With a belief in equality
A promise of prosperity
And an oath of solidarity
These people yearned for more
They believed in a flourishing future,
In vast and expansive lands,
In a home sweet home.

Two score,
And twelve years ago,
A promise was made
The country that had come so far wanted to go further
A man on the moon in less than a decade!
A tremendous task indeed.
But dreams are not just stuff of wishes
Dreams are not be whispered about in awed voices,
not just the thoughts that surface at night
Dreams are achievable, for those who always yearn for more
Dreams are reality, something meant to be grasped and mastered
A morphing dimension, an endless route of possibilities
People used to say to the Wizard of Menlo Park
Stop dreaming! You’ll never bring light to the world
People used to say to the Wright Brothers
Stop dreaming! You’ll never get humanity in the skies
People used to say to Steve and Steve
Stop dreaming! You’ll never revolutionize the computer industry

Two score,
And one decade ago,
A lone man stood before a crowd of thousands, with a white sentinel standing watch overhead
His voice like the wind, felt by all citizens
His purpose, clear and profound, echoed in the annals of history
His achievements, few but so important,
immortalized by the country he lived in and the people he died for
With 1579 words of power and inspiration, each trembling with cause and hope;
encouraging the country to go great lengths for the underrepresented,
something unimaginable by society.
Inspiration is not just sought through fancy words and long speeches
To inspire is a rare gift, something brought forward in actions and movements
And while history classifies it into revolutions, movements, and renaissances
That country sees differently
That country is inspired by the persistent voice of democracy
That country is inspired by the sublime melodies of change and progress
That country is inspired by the struggles of others
Every day more and more resolute in their vow of global tranquility

In that country
A belief is the foundation
A dream is the aspiration
And an inspiration is the journey
But what makes that country, our country, the country that it is
Is a simple adage carried out by all, whether we know it or not
Believe to cement your identity
Dream to expand reality
Inspire to change humanity

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