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An Apocalypse of Calculus

January 12, 2014
By JacobTheOrdinary PLATINUM, Rancho Cucamonga, California
JacobTheOrdinary PLATINUM, Rancho Cucamonga, California
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"Fiction is the lie that tells the truth."

The yawns, the moans, the aches,
then the crack of a neck.
Fighting with other survivors,
our weapons on the desk.
The frigid air blows,
down their crooked spines.
Our tired eyes close,
making us slowly blind.
We wake from slumber,
quick, stirring, alert.
Living through the fight,
only adds to the hurt.
Our leader speaks,
and drones on and on,
never stopping to realize,
that we’re mostly gone.
There’s no survival,
going down this path,
because these are the attempts,
of teaching zombies math.

The author's comments:
Let's be honest, we've all felt this way in "that" class. What inspired me to write this was my third period. In my calculus class on the first week back from winter break, everyone had their heads down either taking notes or falling asleep. I noted this and wrote this poem in class.

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