Don't Go

January 9, 2014
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You are on the edge
Of a very dark ledge
Don't take a step now
Don't go and drown

If you want to go
Just tell me so
And off we'll be

If you want to leave
Just tell me
And off we'll go
Above the skies and the seas

If you're on that ledge
You are not alone
Cause wherever you'll be
Is wherever I'll go

You are not by yourself
Because I am here
Don't close your eyes
Don't close your ears

Don't take that step
Don't take it now
I've realized I need you
Please don't go down

Because if you go down
I will go too
Without any sound
Without any room

Just say the word
And we'll jump together
You're not alone
You're not a feather

If you go
I'll be going too
There's no reason to live
If it's living without you

So lets go together
Right here, right now
Or let's go never
Not here, not now

We can stay
Together forever
We'll need nothing
Except for each other

I'll be there
Whatever you do
I'll be there
I'll follow you

You don't have to worry
I'll always be here
You don't have to worry
I'll always be near

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