Envy the Young and in Love

January 9, 2014
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I never spite another’s happiness
Contrarily I am glad,
Two have found love
However temporary or blind
To be young and in love
Is worth an artist’s words

I condemn my own envy
Not of love but of touch
Lovers coupled, sprinkled about the grounds
Draws out a smile
That may mask the bleeding slit
That burdens my heart

Young lovers,
Fingers intertwined
The sweet feel of tender fingertips
Gliding across one’s face
Warm embrace
A whispered kiss

My fingers gently press
Against the letters of a keyboard
My hand guides a cursor
That turns a screen to a window
A webcam for our faces
A mic for our voices

I am an advocate
For love in every medium

I smile
For the young lovers
Who share their pursed lips
First touch

And I smile
For young lovers burdened
By miles, mountains, and seas
A critic’s decry

Distance does not
Depreciate love

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