A Storyteller

January 3, 2014

you see,
people will try to
put you in a box.

not because they are unkind
but because it is easier

and if they tell you that
the way you count the stars
means you will always sink into the ground,
they may say it as a story or
a fact,
but it is not,
in fact,
your story.

you see, coloring books were
discarded at a young age
stories are not made of
unforgiving lines and shapes

yes, it is easier for them
if you fit into a box or
the lines of a coloring book
but you are not here
to make things easier
and it is not for you
to resign yourself
to a rigid form
and your story
can twist and blur
and scream and sing

you need not be a perfect fit
you are a storyteller.

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