January 8, 2014
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In the real world,
Belle would never love a beast.
So caught up on beauty,
And just what it means to be,
Yeah it’s such a little word,
But it’s a disease,
That has slowly overcome the world.

Look around, and tell me,
Just what do you see?
All this pain and suffering,
And yet that’s the price of beauty.
Short skirts, and shirts so tight,
You can barely breathe,
Skinny jeans, high heels,
Girls you’re not fooling me.

Fake nails, fake tan,
And all that fake hair.
But all the real girls aren’t pretty,
No that just ain’t fair.
Pause, rewind,
Yeah let’s play it back.
Let’s see what you’d look like,
Without all of that.
It’s so much trouble,
To be someone that you’re not.
So much money, all that struggling,
Just so you can look hot.
But let’s face it,
Your head is so full of air,
And no matter how you try,
You can’t fix what’s missing there.

So go ahead, roll the lipstick,
And makeup your mind.
I guess you didn’t fall for,
That whole line that “love is blind”.
Well I guess love just sees,
What’s on the inside.
And darling, try as you might,
That’s something that you can’t hide.

You can fake beauty,
Yeah that’s kind of easy to do.
But faking education and knowledge,
Well that’s a hard stunt to prove.
You see, Belle fell for Beast,
Because of his brain.
And then she loved everything else,
About him just the same.

She didn’t judge him,
Never once wished he was not a beast.
Because she loved him,
And knew true love was just what he’d need.
Superstitious stereotypes,
Of what we call a Disney love.
Ironic how Walt Disney knew,
Precisely the love that’s within us.

Now, not every Belle will love a beast,
That’s not what I’m trying to prove here.
But every Beast will find a Beauty,
And live their happy ever after.

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