Sweet Despair

January 8, 2014
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Crying alone in a dark cold room
Sweet tears run down her pale face
The dreary cement walls feel like there closing in on her
Her small fragile hands tremble
Her thin stick like body quivers

She crumbles to the floor
Her body weakens as she thinks about the future
Her head is spinning with mixed up thoughts and conclusions
She is lost within her own problematic world
Lost and alone
Alone and afraid

She grew up with no father, no mother, no sisters, no brothers, no family
She is destined to live a life of roten grimy cities, broken dreams, and sweet sorrow
No one ever cared for her
No one does, no one will

Her heart is exposed to pain
Her brain mental moosh

She cries and cries
Tears falling into her frail palms
Her big blue timid eyes sting
The skin around them is a deep cherry red

She sits motionless
Stares at the empty space in front of her
Thinking of the future, she rocks back and forth

She is broken
Broken by people, this place, these times, the world

Then suddenly her tears stop
She smiles showing her yellowing teeth
Something changes inside her
Then in that dark cold room with the dreary cement wall
She says “I will be brave.”

She thought about the world how she can’t change it
She realized though that she can change herself
No one can change the world, people and these times
Only she can change herself

“I will be brave.” she said again a little louder this time
She presses her dry palms on the cold cement floor
Lifting herself up
She stands tall
Her twig like body is held up by her confidence, her bravery
Bravery is all she needed
Bravery is all she is

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