You're Not The Same

January 5, 2014
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Your eyes, they’ve changed
Not the color, for they are still blue
But the kindness and love
Replaced with something never knew

They used to be so bright
So happy and filled with delight
But now their dark and mournful
They no longer look right

Your eyes change like your heart
So vague so dry
The love is gone
There’s nothing left inside

Was the love ever there?
Or was it just game?
Used me to wipe your tears,
And then you throw me away

You knew that I loved you
Thought maybe it was a phase
But yet you still left me
Didn’t care about my pain
You treated me like
I was something you owned
Expected me to stay
Blamed me for the unknown

But the worst part?
Even though I should hate you
No mater how hard I try
I find myself coming back to you

So now’s your chance
Please tell me how you feel
I can’t take it anymore
You playing with my heart like it’s no big deal

If you love me
And truly want me to stay
Tell me now
Tell me everything’s okay

But if you honestly don’t care
And you could possibly care less
Then I’ll leave
I wish you the best

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