I have a dream that's more than a dream.

January 4, 2014
By Jordan-Tyler GOLD, Worcester, Massachusetts
Jordan-Tyler GOLD, Worcester, Massachusetts
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Inspiration is a big thought that can come from little ideas.

I have a dream thats more than a dream.

Its more precious to me than silver or gold.

It surpasses success and prosperity.

My dream has no word, but it has meaning.

In my dream im happy, not because I have riches or jewels.

but becuase im surrounded by happiness.

My dream is a place where you can hear laughter, smell excitement, feel joy, taste delight, and touch hearts.

My dream is what I make it out to be, and I choose for my dream to be a good one.

Whatever I choose in life, whatever I become, i'll be living my dream.

My dream of Life.

My dream of Liberty.

My dream of Happiness.

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