Live Again

January 4, 2014
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Search for light
Search again
Find your heart amongst the darkness
Beneath the thistles
Behind locked doors

Grope for brilliance
Search for Him
Away from dusk
Away from grief-strickenness
In broad daylight

Breathe it in
Breathe out
Find yourself
Amongst the light
Within the dazzle
Behind the sparkle

As the rain falls
Hitting the ground
Slapping the leaves
Calling the mist

As the mist embraces you
Holds you tight
Forcing you to breath
Compelling you to live

Making way to your lungs
Making you live again
Willing life
Commanding you

As the mist
Holds you close
Teaching you
The dance of life

As the sound of leaves
Dripping slowly
Slipping droplets
Onto the cold pavement

As you hear the sound of your feet
Hitting the ground
Feeling strength

As you hear the dull pounding
Thud of your foot
The sound of love
Beating out time

You hear the time
Called out
Foot matching
The beat of you heart

You heart knocks
Hammering gently
Against your chest
Against your lungs

As your ribs move
The dance in time to the song
The beat of life

Ribs expand and lungs breathe life
Feet pushing off
Sole meeting pavement
Body moving in rhythm

The only thing willing you to go on
The only thing willing you to live on

The song of life
The will to live
The song of love
The will to live

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