You're My Earth

January 4, 2014
You're my morning that peaks after every night
That wakes me up with lushes shining light
The one that allows the garden and earth to grow
Along with me and the rest of this ongoing show

You're my bird that sings me a beautiful song
One that continuously lasts all day long
That puts me in the mood to start my upcoming day
No matter what that thoughtful song may say

You're my sunshine streaking down to earth
Peacefully telling me how much I'm worth
Allowing me to find my spirit for this crazy ride
And supplies me the lessons to withstand the tide

You're my rose in this big garden of dandelions
Telling me that I'm way too gorgeous to be crying
Cheering my up no matter what the cost
Because seeing me smile is not even close to a loss

You're my coffee that's in my favorite cup
I look forward to you the second I wake up
You boost my happiness the second you touch my lips
Fulfilling my life with silly tricks and tips

You're my earth that slowly spins on its side
Without that tilt in your personality; I would die
You are the missing puzzle piece to my heart
And without you, I would completely fall apart

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