January 1, 2014
There we were, just the two of us.
In an empty, abandoned room.
Sitting side by side; backs to the wall,
eyes closed, wearing our earbuds.

The room was dark, but light streamed from the window.
The city lights were beautiful and dazzling, they glittered before us.

Time froze, the midnight sky was the heart of that very moment.
Passionate harmony soaked into my skin.
I turned up the volume, and surrendered myself to the sound.

Both of us were silent.
I looked at him, and he was still.
Angels of rock sung him to sleep.

I went over to him and layed on his shoulder.
I took one of his earbuds and I listened.
And then suddenly, I was asleep too.
Our hearts interlocked to the music.

Together, we dreamt of guitar strumming angels

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