Dead Weight Mr. Turner

January 1, 2014
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Dead weight on the Mrs.
Another caged humming bird.
She was your trophy at first,
Then she became your dead end.
You were the chains that strapped her down.
Even the cloth that gagged her screams.
Dead weight Mr. Turner is your name
And will always be in her past.
Your hand still hurts from touching her skin.
You had her confidence and courage locked away
And hid the key. You hungered for her fear
And forced it out of her screams.
Then one day she said no
And to your surprise she fought back.
She no longer feared your threats
And the pistol you waved in her face.
Your after beating presents and flowers no longer replace the mask you used to hide who you really are.
With your power gone and the humming bird freed from her cage,
you are no longer
Dead Weight Mr. Turner.

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