Funhouse Mirror

December 31, 2013
Images of society circling my distorted head
Demons crawling out from under my comfy bed
This living nightmare awakens right before me
And brutally murders because of what I see

Perfection is a stereotype that just wastes my time
Yet the record over turns again and again in my mind
I want to believe the beauty that stands beneath
But the labels scream at me from underneath

Time ticks away but I never once have budged
Because this hell cannot even begin to be nudged
You could paint out in black and white right from wrong
But my mind will always sing the ongoing song

The one that plays and wakes me up during the night
Telling me that I won't ever be able to win this fight
But I know that I will overcome this turned direction
And be able to withstand my saddened reflection

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sarah98 said...
Dec. 31, 2013 at 4:10 pm
This was honestly beautiful. the only piece of advice I have is to include some punctuation so i know where the pauses are. But i got it. The message, the wording, and the rhythm were fantastic. Great work.
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