Carpet Burns

December 19, 2013
The dark parts are almost gone
But I can find my way in when I want
Sitting here in a corner, afraid of the light
What kind of child loves the night?
Sparklers burnt her little weak fingers
Yet she embraces the pain like a brother
Maybe one day the scars will turn beauty
Make her skin like it runs smoothly
Mr. Pet Rock was the one to talk to
Lie after lie but never the truth
Try not to trust because it's always broken
And I am the one convicted a felon
Let the waves shove me around
Only a short breath, just drown out the sound
Carpet burns, bruises and tears here
Do anything you want, begging you dear
Hold it together, moons never notice
Inside and out I am the glue that holds us
I'll sing it out on a table in France
They'll say they understood, they cant
Running out, slamming that door
Hating me for who I was before
adjusting to the light
it's burning my eyes

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