Secretive Glory Bound

December 18, 2013
The darkness slowly seeps into night
Crying to me to give up this unruly fight
Shadows concave with the thoughts of the end
Will I fly away like a whimsical little friend
Or bathe in the bloody nightmares of a tyrant?

Time creeps and ticks upon the hour of midnight
My disastrous living hell shall end at the sight
The only light I can bare to see
Is the candle light that barely burns within me
The one that shall burn and give me the ultimate grant

It's coming as the world shakes beneath my feet
Dusts off my beaten records of defeat
Bring me hope in this cruel, cruel life
But it shall happen as it stabs like a knife
It's coming soon and I feel it building up for sure

The moon barely peaks amongst its stars
And the longing memories are wiped afar
I don't need a reminder of why it's time to go
My mind is set to leave this ghastly show
I feel it now and I've felt it before

Good night lovely world, I won't see you no more.

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