You Have My Heart in Your Hands, But I Guess I Don't Need it Anymore

December 12, 2013
I hate you for making me feel like this

And for everything you’ve done

After all those empty promises

I still thought you were the one

All the tears I’ve cried at night
Have been a waste of life

Slowly I was losing sight

And didn’t catch the knife
entering my back

Went straight through

And everything went black

You had my heart in your hands

And you laughed in my face

You said I wouldn’t understand,

That I was a waste of space

Told me I didn’t need a heart anymore

Said I didn’t have one anyway

And then you walked out the door

I didn’t ask you to stay

I never called out your name

I knew you were wrong

Why should I take all the blame?

Sing your own sad song

You should be the heartless one

It’s been you all along

Slowly I mislead you

And you never saw the knife go through

I had your heart in my hands

And I laughed at you bleedin’

I whispered, “I knew you’d understand
Because now we’re both even”

I dropped your heart on the floor

You begged me to stay

But I walked out the door,

Smiling away

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