Hell on Earth

December 13, 2013
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The crackling thunder sends animals scattering
Flashes of piercing light appear in the murky sky
They act as a warning sign to us all
Electricity shut down by the thrashing wind
Hail and rain working together to break down the weak
And to pummel anything in sight

The blistering volcanoes spit fire
As the black merciless ocean drowns those near
Seeming to clasp every living soul and hold them under
The wind picks up, swirling and twisting
Creating a contorted figure in the cloud filled canvas
Beginning as a small innocent twister

But the more havoc it causes, the more it vacuums up
Now the twister, a large tornado, roaming fast over ground
The floor beneath the feet of others starts to shake
It rips apart, the earth repelling against itself
Everything losing control, nothing to help, no where to go
It is truly, hell on earth

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