Fleeting love

December 14, 2013
Swaying With The Breeze,

and the music Carry's Me away.

away, away I fly amongst the children's dreams

oh--sweet lovely dreams.

of rocking chairs and lullaby's.

dreams of You and Your jazzy, calm, upbeat tune.

You sweep me off my feet.

out into the world

tinting My vision and filling my wine glass full.

so that All I see is from beneath a rose colored sea.

a beautiful rose tinted lens of Music and good cheer.

and as You sway, You begin to say--

"Oh love why can't you stay"

because all songs Must End.

but for a few moments here I am and here You are.

I sway with the breeze and begin looking


through a rose tinted liens,

at a world where Me and You could be--

and missing New Orleans.

and we sway in each others arms,


evenesently you leave...

Without even a thought of where you leave me.

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