December 4, 2013
Today didn’t have to happen.
Tomorrow might not come.
My family’s not required to love me.
My friends don’t have to be loyal and faithful.
There are no rules that the sky has to be bright and blue
Every house is considered a home,
All kitchens are filled with an abundance of food,
Or that my house will still be standing tomorrow night.

There’s no guarantee I’ll live to be old
Laugh at one more joke
Have one more cup of hot coca over-flowing with tiny marshmallows
Or have the chance to make someone smile.

Beds, food, shoes, shelter, safety, and love aren’t a given.
There are countries where kids only Dream of attending school
And I get an education for free and Then
Have the choice to continue on.

Children die every day from lack of clean and pure water
And every five seconds we lose a child due to preventable diseases.
My kitchen has enough food to support a small army
And my family owns handfuls of hygiene, hair, and skin products.

Money can buy sports cars, mansions, flat screens, and vaccines for cancer
But no price can afford the beauty of nature,
The wonder of self-reflections in pools of water after a summer rain
The feeling of belonging and love
Or the sense of purpose in making a difference to someone
Simply by smiling and saying hello.

Today didn’t have to happen.
Tomorrow might not come.
But if I get lucky and it does
I will be ready.
I thank God for everything I have.
Because Nothing
Is a Given.

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