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Listen Up
I’ve had a horrible walk up my own Great Wall, And it’s high tide
High time to ride finally over these floodgates
I walk up the creaky old restored and stripped stairs of my home
The lights are off
Think of rising in darkness, relaxing yet invigorated by red walls and
An omniscient painting.
At the end of the hall hexagram light
Cuts it’s presence into the hard dead floor
It goes without saying that I am in utter hate
With the pink walls of my room
I hang a Starry Night in hopes it may light my dreams
And should my half spun dream catcher arrest something in me
I’ve left feathers on the wheel
Fly Free
There are three swords with holy names
Should I need to cut a discordant nightmare’s chord
No music here though, even in the rhythm of my sleep there is buzzing
My midnight factory, midnight city, midnight nation,
The Midnight solar system eclipsing a Midnight Galaxy it all utilizes an
Why can’t I be like my dream catcher?
Screw this why can’t I sleep rather than dream
Rather than dream and dream and dream
Every waking moment dream of nothing, dream of dark void blinded…
Not a womb or cocoon to fly free from but a prison gate hidden
Behind the soul’s sole emergency exit, BREAK THE GLASS
My glasses are on my desk
I’m petrified and strung out, a string on the devil’s fiddle who’s bow is strung by fate’s blades
God Damn it even if religion was bulls***
It’d still save the world with all that fertilizer
And maybe the smell would wake me up.
Ahva, Ben, Ruach Ha’Kodesh
Abreq ad Habra
Abhadda Kedabhra
Abracadabra, I am on my stomach shifting
Soothed by the songs of six silver Seraphim
Circling shimmering singing shining silhouettes silent
Suppressing steel sorrow and stunned with terrible might
Shocked as they conduct holy repetitions of a Howl
Once is more than sufficient
My dream catcher hangs stained, it’s shadow
Dims my damn pink walls
Wake me up, I’m tired of being this rattlesnake

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Lisa594 said...
today at 11:05 am:
I remember this it's amazing ^.^
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roshaniesadhu said...
Dec. 16 at 5:55 pm:
I'm crying. It's beautiful.
Thean R. replied...
Dec. 16 at 6:40 pm :
Thank you so much, but do not cry too much!!! I'm looking forward to any of your new work. What's your favourite line?
roshaniesadhu replied...
Dec. 16 at 6:55 pm :
My new works are brewing a heavy storm right now. I dout you'll want to read them when they are written. My favorite lines are the ones with all the dashes, the connecting thoughts.
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