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The Woman In Black

The woman in black,
She rides like the breeze, silent and fast,
You’ll never see her coming,
Until lit by moonlight’s path.
If you see her coming,
There is no point in running,
For once she spies you there,
Your soul is hers to take.
Her strike is lightning fast,
Her blow as loud as thunder.
If you catch yourself starring,
You better quickly grasp.
Don’t look her in the eyes,
For she holds the key to your past.
Although that may not sound so bad,
Her powers aren’t to be underestimated,
Hold her steely gaze and find,
Your heart and mind have traveled back in time.
She’ll find your weakness and your strength,
The very thing that’ll seal your fate.
But as I’ve said to you before,
And as I’ll say to you once more,
Keep intact your soul before,
She unfolds your secrets and much more.
She holds the key to not only what’s inside…
But what’s in store.
Fool her once and escape her hell,
Fool her twice and watch her ignite,
Fool her thrice and you’ll she’ll spice.
She is not the one you’ll want to find,
She rides like the breeze, cloaked by night,
On a black Stallion, with eyes that capture the night.
She gets her name not only by when she comes, or what she wears,
But for her not all wickedness that’s under her beauty that’s quite rare.
Her long coal hair and skin so fair,
Is only the opening act for what lies behind those ice storm eyes.
She has the gift of death or rebirth,
Her power is great and her strength is might,
But look into her eyes…
And find your soul empty.

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