My Little Lemon

December 11, 2013
My Little Lemon, born to be bright, a beautiful little light.
Born from such a small seed, you rose to taste the air.
And how was I supposed to come to know your definition of fair.
You are beautiful on the outside, but you’ve come to be quite sour.
Mounted on your lemon tree, you first began as a flower.
So high you see yourself, I can only hope for you to learn humility.
For if not learned soon, from that high place you shall fall.
Life is not just a game, it’s more than that you see.
And I hope you can find it in yourself to truly believe me.
You’re radiant its true, but your blind and you cannot see.
And if you continue down this path, you will come to find you’re unhappy.
These words I speak are truth, and I hope that you can realize.
That this is no manipulation of the mind, no trick to your eyes.
Your world will soon come crashing down, of this I am sure.
And I can only hope you’re willing to lean on me when you become bitter.
You hour will soon chime, when the rain comes pouring down.
And I just want you to know that I’ll be around.
You will not heed my warning.
You refuse to believe me.
But I’ll let you know that I won’t gloat when that time finally comes.
And when you’ve fallen down, I hope you become a tree.
I hope you lead a successful life and will remember me.

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