December 11, 2013
You haunt me,
Not in any spectral visitation
but in the objects I've attached you to
To the songs that we were supposed to share,
the movies we were supposed to watch
the topics we would discuss.
You haunt me,
And it's my fault.
I warranted this remembrance
in hope of holding on to something that ,looking back,
was never meant to be.
You haunt me,
In the times I speak,
and forget I'm not talking to you,
in the jokes we used to share
the faces I used to make
and the songs that I would serenade with.
You haunt me
in the hope that I had for the future.
In the preparation that I made in my mind
to set my eyes on a future with you
to throw out all possibility of any deviance
from a plan devised,
at my future's expense.
You haunt me
in the void of where you stood
for better or worse,
space you occupied is empty
the haunting is your absence

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