different terms of existence

December 10, 2013
the day i conquered the night
i won a prize
a bag of stars
i now keep
in the corner of my room
to illuminate
all that i ever feared

it is here
that i drift away
and meet
bands of marching children
and i ask myself
why they should walk
when its so possible to fly

and so i give them wings

every once in a while
i remind myself
that this is an escape
a place to visit
not to stay
i find dark places
with human puppets
their limbs on strings
and they grow and grow
i am nothing
but an ant in the sand

other times
i just watch
i look for things lost
let my visitors
tell their stories
they are dancing figures of paint
playing on a screen

and i do nothing more
than sit at the dining room table

and i know perfectly well
that here
i will never be anything more
than a figment of my own imagination
but i still tried to trade
my heart for a clock
because i figured
that time was forever
i threw away the map
hoping to get lost

the day i conquered the night
i did no such thing
she told me
we would never be friends
but we could be allies

i earned a bag of stars
to illuminate all that i ever feared


i can fly
i can disappear
i can simply use my eyes

dont wake me up
when im sleeping

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