The Truth

November 28, 2013
By Kaz17 BRONZE, Tualatin, Oregon
Kaz17 BRONZE, Tualatin, Oregon
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Death comes to everyone and everything
Some people accept it as it comes to them and the ones they love
But no one expects it
When death does come to those they love...
People let the loss fester, slowly eat them, and eventually change them completely
Some realize death is just a natural part of life and move on
And others let it leave an empty space inside them
That will remain as a tiny hole in their soul or a tear in their heart
Never be fixed or filled
Death comes to us and those we care about in many different ways
Every decision could bring death
Most believe it to be random, fate, karma, or an act of God that was already decided for us
But is it? Could the end really be random?
Or is it so well put together
That we can’t see the road secretly laid before each of us
Guiding us, Influencing us, or Deciding for us?
Of course the painstaking truth of life is...

The author's comments:
I wrote this after losing some one close. This didn't occur to me until after it was pointed out by some one who was also close close to the one I lost.

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