Terrifying Rage

December 2, 2013
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Rage courses through my veins
igniting a fire that demands release
setting my teeth on edge
as I try to hold down
my double-edged tongue
sharp with words
that would slice your scar-less skin.
My fists clench
my muscles tense
the need to physically abuse
myself, but mainly you
is so destructive
that I fear what I may do.
So instead I wait
until my silent tears
slip down my cheeks
caused by my building frustration,
and i sit in silence
as furious tears
refuse to relent
and I let them fall
so I will remember
how those silken drops of anger
slid down my reddened cheeks
to cool this rising rage.
But now I am left
with the embers of rage
glowing though it's flames are extinguished.
It will find release someday
and I know
that it will not be held in
because my friend,
that flame needs to be expelled
and I know you know
that I wanted to unleash it
upon you.

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