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Mr. Mystery

December 5, 2013
By Zeeny PLATINUM, Staten Island, New York
Zeeny PLATINUM, Staten Island, New York
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He laced up his leather boots
He wore his black veiled gloves
He married the devil
He called himself a sinner
Read tarot cards and changed your Life
He was Mr. Mystery
He tipped his hat down
Hid his gun in his jacket and
Gave you a wicked surprise
He married the night
He slid like a snake everywhere
He was dark and handsome
He was Mr. Mystery
He disappeared and reappeared
But don't you even think he
Won't remember your face
Ones a player but twos a game
His rules you will follow
Or you'll go down the deep hollow
He has wicked games and
He loves to play
He carved 6.6.6 on himself and
Put some dark night black eyeliner on
He's a prisoner
A boss
A sinner
Mr. Mystery was he
My lover he was

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