Teardrops of Rain

November 29, 2013
I close my eyes tightly and will myself to think about something else. But I can't. You're all I can think about. You're all that I want. I crave your hugs and kisses. I wish for your warm touch but know that it's hopeless thinking. I cry then. I cry knowing it's too late for us. I cry remembering what you meant to me and I to you. I sob wishing I could take it all back. That you'd take me back. I know you won't though. Then I remember. You hurt me too. We had a lot of good times but the bad was more than good. I look and see the teardrops and think of how they look similar to the rain. I almost smile. I've always found the rain calming. Then I realize that's never changed. I have though. I smile even though cracked and broken. The teardrops do look like rain. And the rain is still calming. . .now I can fully smile. Loving someone is knowing when to let go. So I let go. Just like I wanted. Just like you did.

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