November 29, 2013
She held the stick in one hand and wiped her tears with the other hand.
What has she done?
Her whole life flashed before her young eyes.
Her dreams of college, becoming a nurse,
and having children at thirty started to fade away.

She continued staring at the stick wishing for a negative.
If her wish came true she would make better choices, she promised herself.
The stick shattered against the wall and she now used both hands to wipe her tears.
The air thickened with yelling and pain.
Positive. Lies.
It had to be a lie, she was only 15.
She still had a life to live, she still had more choices. Two choices.

She rubbed her stomach and smiled a hopeless smile.
Her baby’s life was in her hands.
Her choice. Her life-broken now, like the pieces on the floor.
Even if she fixed it, it would never be the same.

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