December 2, 2013
Everyone has faults
Defections that deflect
The crystal light of perfection.
Just out of reach
It grazes your fingers
Until the desperation to have it,
To be it
Makes you tumble off your pedestal

Into the depths of deception
Where masks of makeup
And generically 'cool' clothes
Cloke you
Now, standing in a masquerade
Of veiled strangers
Is like wandering through a room of mirrors
You're finally accepted
But you can no longer find your own reflection

Is it possible to be quintessential?
It seems like you're either too different
Or you're society's clone
Is there an in between?
A happy medium
Where perfect lives
In an enchanting castle
Perched gracefully on her diamond throne

Or are both sides of the spectrum broken
Broken but beloved
Can we not be happy being perfectly flawed?
Loving ourselves as is

Crystal is overrated
It's shine blinds us
From the scars it has procured
In order to to get to it's ideal state
Perfection is just a preconceived concept
Born into the psychotic mind of society
To make us doubt ourselves
To manipulate us into believing that
Enough pressure and change
Will transform us
Into some prized jewel
For the world to adore.

When in reality
it is just a game
A game in which we tear ourselves apart
Leaving scarred people in the wake
Nobody wins
Because you always come out less whole
Than you did when entering

Those who do not partake are berated with insults
Written off
Because they have the audacity to be who they are
So slowly they fall apart
Worn down
Until they decide to either become a player in our game
Or become the dust we stomp on in our never ending race
To the diamond throne.

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