A Dream Within A Dream

December 2, 2013
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I wake up within a dream
to the THUMPTHUMP..thump...thump
of a heart drum,
beating its constant rhythm
Drawing farther into the dark
I watch it pulse with life
even the air carries the rhythm.
Every sense sets aflame
with the life beat of this heart drum.
My tongue tastes passion
while the scent of desire fills my nose
my ears pick up love's call
and my eyes find life from within
while my body sways to the bea.
I lose my heavy shell but find my soul
bright and beating to the rhythm
Yet i feel the pull
of my heavy waking body
and I wish to stay within this dream
where I am truer than truth,
but I have lost my grasp.
But I still hear the distant
and I know I am there
in that heart drum, beating and pulsing
I am the bright and dancing soul,
even if i wake, that rhythm is in me
All I have to do is dance to my heart drums beat.

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