Missing You

November 24, 2013
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Not a day goes by that I don’t miss you
Day to day I go trying to get past it
But you never really get over it
Tears come in the wee hours of the silent morning
When I feel as though I am the only one awake on earth
My mind drifts to you and all the times we spent together
And all the times we never will
They say you never really truly miss anything until it is gone
I am one to agree
I miss you every second of every day
You are always on my mind
You were my rock, my #1
Losing you has been the hardest thing
In the beginning I didn’t know how to move on
Numb to everything and everyone
Still to this day I’m still not okay
I don’t think I ever will be
I can fake it on the outside
But inside I’m broken, completely shattered
You were my whole world, my while meaning
I feel as though I have no purpose anymore sometimes
I try to push out the thought in my head
But holding it in just makes it worse
I know your happy know
I know this was for the best
But not for me
I still want you to be here with me
You had this light about you
That could bring me out of my worst mood
And your smile could light up the world
I miss you more and more everyday
And think of you very often
In the end I know we will be together
And all of these tears will be worth it
“O! If you knew how much I sigh to see you”

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