The Ticking

November 22, 2013
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A bomb has been confiscated
and hidden in a secret location.
Soldiers search every crevice of the world
to find it before its detonation.
Time is of the essence
in this case of the bomb gone missing, people everywhere strain their ears to hear its inaudible ticking.

A runaway finds an abandoned building within which she can take refuge.
She lies there tattered on the floor, broken from negligent misuse.
The flame inside her is dwindling,
though it hasn’t completely diminished
she still has another battle to fight;
one last fear to overcome before she’s finished.

Authorities receive an anonymous tip as to the location of the explosive.
They immediately assemble a team of only the best;
an army of robots with one concealed motive.
Unbeknownst to them, an amateur
is plotting his own heroic intervention,
what he lacks in experience he more than makes up for
in his truest of true intentions.

The girl begins to set up her scene,
the final act in a movie so gripping
she drowns in the waves of her own pumping blood,
the metronome to her last moments ticking.
Suddenly her symphony ceases, an
undesigned rest at the peak of the crescendo,
the deviator pounds mercilessly on the door,
penciling in his own imperative diminuendo.

Finally the man arrives on site, his eyes maniacally taking in his surroundings,
he gets right to work without delay,
his combined urgency and care astounding.
Gradually he’s able to disarm the bomb and eliminate the threat of near-terrorism,
his diminuendo buys him just enough time
to employ his euphonious algorithm.

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