November 22, 2013
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you are superhuman.

greek sculptors modeled their sculptures after you. they looked at your sinewy arms and broad shoulders with awe, dreamed about your figure until it revealed itself in a block of solid rock.

birds chirp louder when you smile, as if trying to get you to notice their song amongst the rest.

sweet old ladies take your hand and cross the street fearlessly- trusting you to lead them through traffic.

you part seas,

you are a dog whisperer.

babies cease their wailing when you cradle them in your strong, capable arms.

every time you part your lips to speak, words tumble out like straw being spun into gold, enchanting as a fairy tale.

light spills from the tips of your fingers and toes and spring flowers bloom in your footsteps.

the scent of your skin borrows notes from the sweetest sun kissed summer morning air.

your blue-grey eyes are as wide and deep as the ocean, but just as mysterious and full of wonder.

your lips are ample and smooth like a cherub's,

your hands so strong and capable.

those hands that can mend and soothe and caress can just as easily hold me like water and break me like glass.

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