The Dolphin and The Mermaid

One day when the plants were having a dance
The dolphin confessed to the mermaid, “I should like to try some pants.”
“Pants you say, echoed the mermaid,
You might as well dye your hair with cool aide.”
“Come look at this dance and then you will see,
That when people dress as they are not meant to be,
It can often be an atrocity.”
“See that turtle who is wearing a girdle,
And that fish who is green,
Why he is wearing for a hat, a bean!”
“Look at that starfish who is wearing a dish,
And that guy who has a shrimp for his tie!
Oh my word!
How these people are absurd!”
“I do not see the problem, said the Dolphin,
It seems to me they are just having fun.
Just because they are different,
Does not mean we should krisent.”
“Maybe you are right, said the mermaid
I do not want to look back in a decade
And see that I missed out on the fun.”
“Mermaid, it has just begun,”
Said the Dolphin, as they danced.

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