Dear You

November 20, 2013
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The nights were long
back when my
every waking breath
seemed to revolve
around you

(Once You were the sun
and I was a mere planet
aways around you.)

Constant darkness
left us constantly
for a ray of light
at the end of the
(praying for dawn
to come one minute
Counting one second

We spent too much
stumbling through the
darkness of those
When all we had to do
was flick on a switch,
strike a match
light a candle
open the window

and then we would have found the light.

perhaps if the light
had come sooner
(or i'd figured it out faster)
maybe i wouldn't be writing this
maybe you wouldn't have gotten
your way and burnt me out
as that candle you first lit died
or the match that fire consumed to ash

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