A Moose's Eternal Rest

November 20, 2013
The moose plods through various shrubs,
Unaware of the lurking predator near.
Kicking the crisp snow with his hefty hooves,
The majestic beast curves his delicate neck
towards the icy earth
and rips the freshly uncovered plant life
from it’s safe home in the shallow dirt,
Like an eagle soaring down
and snatching a worm from fresh soil.
A piercing shot echoes into the air,
disrupting the conversations in neighboring trees.
Raising his grand antlers to the heavens,
The wounded creature lets out a pained call,
and plummets to the glacial terrain.
Unable to do much more than wiggle his moist muzzle,
he lie silently and waits.
The attacker finally reveals himself,
an ant in comparison,
and stands back proudly to examine his work.
With the last remaining energy his fragile body possesses,
the moose lets out one single exhausting sound.
A’las, the food chain strikes again.

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