Animal Farm

November 19, 2013
They cursed the drunk
and despised his hatred.
They sought him a fool,
left him for the nameless.
Running him to the ground
was the simplest of tasks.
Where he had gone
no one dared to ask.
Equality is what they wanted
though the hierarchy found wrong.
The weak and the strong
came together in song.
But through years of work
the rules all had changed
there was no longer peace,
more of a cruelty game.
Slaughter and alcohol
seemed to be over taking lives.
Their actions were reflecting
the ones that they "despised".
No longer did they need friends
when they had so much freedom.
All of that was stolen
when they wanted their own kingdom.
Soon all of it fell,
they were back where they started.
The location of some
were still left uncharted.
No one could tell the difference
from animal or man.
At least we now know for sure
where true reality stands.

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