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I Am From...

November 18, 2013
By warboy SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
warboy SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

I am from the reflecting marble tiles that dresses the grounds of my parents’ house

From my collection of hot wheel toys and a galore of Parle-G biscuits

I am from the endless field of crops that stretch like the ocean

Soothing, motionless

It looked magnificent in the distance and felt like the world was at peace
I am from the Night Jasmine,

The Indian Hibiscus plant whose pedals startling in its colors
I am from the place where you eat rice and curry on big Banana leaves, and the sense of humor that rules the air as our big family talk about the goofiness of our forefathers

From Jois and Babu
And my ludicrous brother, Jibin
I am from the family where organization should be perfect and beauty should be enhanced from the inside

From “don’t talk to strangers” and “if it rained when the sun shined bright, meant that the chickens were getting married”
I’m from the cross where Jesus was crucified for our sins,

To live an overcoming life in this wicked and cruel world
I’m from God’s own country, India where life is tropical and halcyon, and from my parents who lived the black and white life where hands were the major tool than technology

And those hands were used to break coconuts just so we could drink the juice that was waiting inside and for cooking the spiciest meals man could ever taste
From the don’t go anywhere without permission because mom has powers and she’s everywhere,

The one look that dad gave with his eyes that meant a spanking was near
Those vintage pictures that kept many memories from standing next to family members on the front porch to being in front of a plethora of skyscrapers
I am from my mother, who shows her love abundantly to her younger son who is filled with knowledge and love and from the place where nature’s beauty is unsatisfying, but perfect

The author's comments:
Inspiration from life itself

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