Very Human

November 21, 2013
By Delmara SILVER, Paris, Texas
Delmara SILVER, Paris, Texas
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I broke my heart on you
You killed yourself with laughing
Laughing with cold cruel eyes
Never is your smile kind
You cannot be human
Or maybe you are
You are very human
Souls aren’t human—they’re something that live on
Once humans die
So you don’t have one of those
No, you did not take one from the table when you walked into this life
You peeked inside the basket, shook your head, and walked by
Didn’t you know you could have taken one?
You think I am dark and cold and cruel
Perhaps I am
But I have one of those things called souls
I took one from the basket
It was battered and sad and small and alone
So I took it
I did not know that meant my heart would become those things
This is what I am now
And you had to crush me
As though I was not broken enough
Trying to repair the holes and tears in me
Words try to spill past my lips
Hot words
Angry words
Words that speak truth but painful truth
I seal my lips
Quite frankly
It doesn’t matter anymore
I will live on after I leave this place
And you will still be laughing once I’m gone
But one day
Very soon
I will laugh too
Because you will not be able to hear me
And crush the joy

The author's comments:
Fathers know how to break your heart like no one else, and half the time they aren't even aware they're doing it.

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