The Terror that Comes in the Night

November 20, 2013
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It's a thief out of sight
an opposition to light
The creep from the demmmqThe terror
That hides in the night
For what feeds on the fear of mere human beings
Hungry and vicious, malevolent pleas
Unable to see them
We fear them by scope
By story and witness
When prayers mingle hope
Stories of ghosts. Aliens. Spirits.
Each culture shares it's tales and it's merits
For what we cannot comprehend must have explanation,
Call it demon or genie or condemnation
Fair wizards and kings
Blue diamonds and rings
Sold souls and darkness
And shadows with wings
Science and people cannot understand
Creations that live beyond our land
Not on other planets, lifeless and sleek
Stories of Martians, so silly and weak
Not dead folk either
For they lie there and tell

Of maggots and monsters hiding in wells
But when lights diminish
And silence falls still
The world sleeps unmoving
Ignoring the kill
Ignoring the victim
Of nightly endeavors
Predator and prey
Unlikely to stay
But a presence that haunts
In darkness that taunts
Nobody knows the name of the game
Spells, levitations
Illusions and fame
Creatures behind everything
Bewitching our power
Feeds on our sleep
When the moon meets the tower

So the very next time
That you put out your light,
beware of that terror
who comes in the night

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