The Princess and the Frog MAG

November 17, 2013
By Grace_Sowyrda PLATINUM, Medfield, Massachusetts
Grace_Sowyrda PLATINUM, Medfield, Massachusetts
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Oh princess with your dainty feet,
would you dare take off your shoes
to peer on top of lily pad
afloat in toxic stream?
Would you notice a handsome prince,
if he were nothing but a common frog?
Oh princess, would you dare dirty your dress?
Bend over to feel his green scaly skin?
Would you look into white eyes peeking out
from his mucky crown?
And kiss your cherry lips to slimy forehead?
If you were to break a witch's spell
and find a naked man caught in muck
would you reach your hand out to help him,
covered in green goop
and reeking of old waste?
Would you take him home in golden carriage,
or would you run away in fear
and leave him all alone?
Would you love him if he were poor?
A stranger wronged by witch's curse,
granted by drunkard's wand?
Would you help him still
if he were ugly, old, or young?
Would you teach him not to croak like a frog
but to talk like a king?
Would you lift him high
or would you walk away
and look for a prince to love you today?
Would you never even unbuckle your shoes?

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