You Are Beautiful

November 14, 2013
By CAA1497 SILVER, Roswell, Georgia
CAA1497 SILVER, Roswell, Georgia
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You are beautiful
of the way your hair flips off your shoulders when you're excited or angry.
of the way your eyebrows raise when you're talking about an idea that just feels really really big.
of the way your eyes coat over salty at the sound of words that click and a voice that strings them together just so.
of the way your chin raises when you grin really big and feel a little giddy.
of the way your cheeks accent a hearty or silly or flirty or sad smile.
of the way your lips taste insightful words and simple words and bitter, warm, and glad words.
of the way your skin prickles with marks of awe,
and of the way your heart remains hidden from view, but is so vigorously beating and loving and learning that I swear,
I can see it.

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