Killer`s Game

November 14, 2013
My life is a killer`s game,
Ever since that night,
Nothings been the same,
I`ve been forced to live without tame,
You`ll never understand how he came,
People die by the mere mention of his name,
In one heartfelt moment I realized what was happening,
I`d become apart of the killer`s game,
Now I`m angry I feel insane,
I`m running around screaming in shame,
Swinging and flipping,
Skipping and slashing,
Looking dead in the face of the scared faces I`m smashing,
The next thing I know I`m on a thrown,
I suddenly realize I have grown,
I see the killer he tells me I`ve won,
And the only reason I`m alive is because I`m his son....

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