The Six Dogs of Emotion

November 10, 2013
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What can I do?
Which will bring me closer to you?
The Dog of Happiness smiled and said
"Keep the whole world fed."
Then he spat out a seed
That would grow food around the earth like a weed
The Dog of Fear screamed
"Take away all nightmares that were ever dreamed."
After that he lifted up the night
And sent it on an endless flight
The Dog of Sadness cried
"Don't let people divide."
Then she pulled the continents together
Like they were all light as a feather
The Dog of Anger shouted
"Kill those who have ever doubted!"
Soon after, she ate my heart
And all love did not fall apart 
The Dog of Disgust spake
"Send them all into a fiery lake."
Then he showed me Hell
And I realized all was not well
Finally The Dog of Surprise gasped, saying
"Don't let anyone stop playing!"
Then she raised the dead from the ground
And they all made a thankful sound
Then I realized that I had to accept them all
Because without one, the others would fall 

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